Fire Safety Plans

What is a Fire Safety Plan?


A Fire Safety Plan includes a complete set of schematic drawings of all levels and site plan showing all life safety equipment. It also includes a comprehensive written account of all equipment, human resources, emergency procedures, maintenance procedures etc. A Fire Safety Plan also identifies the actions that should be taken by the occupants and building management in the event of a fire or similar emergency situation. In addition, actions are identified which must be implemented and documented, where required, in order to maintain fire protection systems and assist in the prevention of fire on the premises. The Fire Safety Plan therefore covers fire prevention, maintenance, evacuation and emergency response.

Dynamic Fire and Security Inc. are professionals in developing Fire Safety Plans. In partnership with the building owner, we design the "plan" which we then get approved by the local Chief Fire Prevention Officer. We then implement and train supervisory staff on the fire safety plan and the building fire protection equipment. Additional training including the first fire drill is available. Electronic copies are provided for ease of annual updates as required by the Fire Code.

You should always check with your local Fire Department as to whether or not your building is required by law to have a fire safety plan. We recommend that all buildings, both commercial and residential should have a fire safety plan and should be reviewed and practiced by all occupants. See Section 2.8 of the 2007 Ontario Fire Code.

Fire Safety Plan Objectives


The Plan is prepared for a number of reasons:

  • To control fire hazards in the building and possibly preventing the occurrence of a fire.
  • To make available comprehensive building information for fire department response personnel.
  • To provide instructions in the plan and outline training objectives for the proper use of fire protection equipment. With proper training a fire can be extinguished in its incipient fire stage.
  • To clearly provide a plan of action in the event of a fire alarm or fire.
  • To provide training and fire drills to enable a safe and efficient evacuation.
  • To give comprehensive step-by-step instructions of all staff and occupant responsibilities.
  • To clearly outline the response in the event of a failure of a life safety system.
  • To clearly outline the maintenance requirements of the building life safety systems.

The Fire Code requires a review of the fire safety plan at least once a year if there has been no change in the building. The code requires the fire safety plan be updated immediately when a change occurs.

Fire Safety Plan Services

  • Electronic copy provided for ease of annual audits and updates
  • We provide or sell items such as fire safety plan lockboxes, emergency meeting area signs, supportive tenant fire safety instruction labels, emergency procedure labels, fire log books and also provide fire drill training as required.
  • Fire Department Approval Guarantee
  • Competitive Rates
  • Evacuation Plans and drawings
  • Explanation and Implementation of fire safety plan
  • Fire hose cabinet labels
  • Fire Warden supplies